Holmgren: Weeden Wasn't Our First Choice

Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren says drafting former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick in the first round of last month's NFL Draft wasn't the original plan for the pick. On a Cleveland radio station Tuesday, Holmgren said that the plan had been to draft Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright, who was scooped up two slots earlier by the Tennessee Titans. "Like most drafts it didn't quite happen that way," Holmgren says. "So we went to Plan B which we talked about and we weren't going to wait on Weeden so we picked him at 22." Holmgren says Weeden's production at Oklahoma State speaks for itself, but that wasn't the only reason they liked him. "I think the thing that puts you over the top with him is his maturity and of course he's older. His maturity stands out and that's impressive. You say if anyone can come in, and I told him this, 'we're not just going to hand it to you. You have to earn it.' We have good quarterbacks here in my opinion already but you have to earn this. He's 28-years-old, he has that maturity and he gets it. When we realized that or felt that then it was an easy call. I think he's got a bright future." Weeden won't be thrown to the wolves without talent, either. The Browns picked up one of the top draft picks in running back Trent Richardson out of Alabama and Holmgren believes the team has solid receivers that will get the job done.