Home for The Holidays: Foster A Dog This Christmas

If you were thinking about getting a dog for Christmas, but aren't quite sure if it's the right fit.

There's a new way to try one on for size over the holidays!

Tulsa's SPCA is fostering out dogs over Christmas.

It is not only fun for families, but also helps train the dogs and gets them out of the shelter for awhile.

If things work out, the SPCA is offering up a discounted adoption rate.

"Once you get them fostered, say Executive Director Lori Hall, "And get them into a home and think 'oh my gosh I've got to have this dog. He's part of my family. I can't let him go.' Then we are going to run specials on our adoption fees. I'm thinking about half is what we were aiming for."

For more information we've set up a newslink to the SPCA's website to the right of this story.