Suspects Pose as Tulsa Police During East Tulsa Home Invasion

A pair of suspects barge into a Tulsa house claiming they're the cops.

The home invasion happened in a neighborhood near 41st and 129th East Avenue.

Investigators said the suspects announced themselves as Tulsa Police, and kicked in the front door.

They corralled the two residents into a back bedroom. One of the men fired a warning shot into the wall. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Corporal Kyle Straight said the department encourages folks to call 911 if they're unsure who is standing at their door.

We're going to wear a standard uniform, we're going to identify ourselves," Straight said. "If a person believes that we're not the police, or it's a person impersonating a police officer they can call 911."

The bad guys got away with some cash. Witnesses could only describe the suspects as two men wearing hoodies.