Homeowner Shoots Suspect in Leg During Encounter in East Tulsa

A suspect is in the hospital Wednesday after being shot in the leg outside an east Tulsa residence.

Tulsa Police responded to the area near 31st and Garnett after receiving information that a homeowner had shot a man reportedly breaking into his car.

Officials at the scene told KTUL that the homeowner heard noises coming from outside his front yard when saw the suspect. It was then that the homeowner confronted the suspect.

The homeowner told officers that during the confrontation the suspect appeared to be removing a weapon leading the homeowner to use his shotgun. John Becker says, before the shooting, the two men were face to face."Oh God, my heart was beating. He is doing something, something is not right, and he turns around toward me, pulling his arms out and that's when I lowered my gun and shot him. I didn't want to kill the guy or hurt him. But it was either me or him," explained Becker.The suspect was taken to an area hospital where he is expect to survive.