Homeowners Concerned About West Tulsa Apartments

The number of apartment complexes being built near Tulsa Hills is making some homeowners worried. Now a 595-Unit complex is planned to be built near 71st street and Union Avenue, right across the street from Page Belcher Golf Course. Homeowners in the area are going to city council, trying to stop the project.

Homeowners think the addition of 595 new neighbors in the apartments will bring traffic and crime to the area. West Tulsa Homeowner Michael Smith said he moved to West Tulsa to get country living in the city limits. He has three acres, his neighbor has horses and there is lots of room between the homes. He thinks the proposed apartment complex will bring too much traffic to the area.

"It's on a two-lane road," said Smith. "Even if they widen Union to four lanes, it's still a high congestion area and was never made for that."

Jana Proffitt is another West Tulsa resident who has lived in the area for 40 years. She is also concerned about the traffic congestion.

"If you get Union busy with traffic from over 2,000 apartments, we won't be able to get EMSA through or Fire trucks through," she said.

Proffitt also thinks crime rates have risen with more people moving to the area.

The homeowners plan to go to city council in the next 45 days and ask councilors to ban the proposed apartment complex. Proffitt thinks development in the area is inevitable, but she hopes the city will develop in a smart way.

"We talked about bridle trails, stables, green spaces, and running trails." she said. "That would be a premier settlement out here."

Yesterday, the Tulsa Planning Commission approved the site development plan. The plan now goes to city council for review and approval before anything can be built.