Honor Cottage Opens to First Guest Family on Skiatook Lake

Perched over Skiatook Lake with a panoramic view, is the Folds of Honor foundation's Honor Cottage at CrossTimbers Marina. The year-round retreat is now open as a get-away for veterans and their families.

Folds of Honor reached out to Cristina Norton and her family to be the first guests to stay in the lake-front cottage.

The Nortons lost their father and husband in Iraq when an IED explosion killed Tech Sergeant, Jason Norton in 2006.

"It reminds me that, even though it's been seven years since my husband was killed in Iraq, that America still remembers and that they're still doing things, above and beyond, to say thank you and that -- we've just felt really loved this weekend," said Cristina Norton, curled up in a chair in the cottage's living room.

The Nortons' stay at the lake house is all-inclusive, even giving them access to a boat, allowing them to get out on the lake and enjoy the outdoors that Jason Norton loved so much.

The family says, this weekend has been a perfect getaway.

"It's like a great big 'thank you' and for us, I feel like, we just can't thank them enough for what they've done," said Norton.

While the family will pack up and head back home to Miami, Oklahoma tonight, the weekend has brought them together and brought back memories of the family member who couldn't be there.

"Being able to laugh and have fun and just enjoy each other's company... And to remember the love," said Norton.

The Honor Cottage is made possible by the Folds of Honor foundation, Cross Timbers, and the Army Corps of Engineers.