Tulsa Family Looks to Surrogacy to Start Family

Kacee and Brett Wilson are hoping your generosity can help them start their family. The young couple has been trying to have children for the past few years, but has been met with tragedy each time.

A black and white photo on their Facebook page holds their first story of hope and heartache.

"We got pregnant with my daughter, everything was fine up until 22 weeks, and then I went into labor and I had her, she lived for 2 hours and we lost her," said Kacee Wilson.

They would try again. This time it was a baby boy, but the complications were the same, and Hunter was lost as well.

"I would die if I lost my kids, so I couldn't not do it for her," said Jennifer Clark.

Jennifer didn't know the Wilson's until 6 months ago, when she heard their story through a mutual friend, and the word surrogate cropped up.

"I said, 'I would do that,' and she said you would? She goes seriously? I said yes, seriously," said Jennifer.

"The first question I said is, 'Would you be able to let go?'" asked Kacee.

"It's not my kid. I mean I'm carrying it, but it's not mine," said Jennifer.

How exactly does the biology of it work?

"It's my egg and my husband and they combine it, and she will be, they will pregnate her," said Kacee.

"They don't knock me out, they just I guess use a tube and..." said Jennifer.

Ok, that's good. We get the picture. Let's move on to the less graphic but more shocking issue of how much this procedure costs.

"It is $20,000, yeah," said Kacee.

So far they've raise over $4,000 and if you ask her, Kacee knows exactly how much more they need.

"$15,907 dollars away, so, we're getting there," she said.

As for what Jennifer needs?

"I will gladly take chocolate chip cookie and brownies, if people want to donate those," smiled Jennifer.

Despite the tragedies they've encountered, Kacee and Brett remain positive and find strength in their faith.

"We just really have the faith, in everything, in knowing that it's going to happen," said Kacee.

If you'd like to donate to their cause, click the link to the right of this story.

"We're so thankful for everybody that's been a part of this whether we know then or not," said Kacee.