Horse Owners Express Feelings Over Proposed Slaughtering

Horses are considered pets and even family members. But now some lawmakers are pushing forward on a law that would allow for the slaughter of horses, for meat in Oklahoma, lifting the ban.

It's an issue debated in arenas of horse lovers. It brings tears to some eyes.

"Oh, it breaks my heart. I can't imagine doing something like that to her," Callie Gudgel hugged her horse, 13 year old Wokita who resides at Son Rise Stables.

Horses bring a lot of pleasure to their owners but now this issue of slaughtering is bringing on painful conversations. At Son Rise Stables, horses live very well and receive constant attention from their owners.

Many horse owners say they struggle with the idea of slaughtering horses for meat in Oklahoma.

They all agree that it happens, regardless. Some horses are sold at the Tulsa stockyards.

Tom Martin owns seven horses including his own and one that his daughter loves.

He says horses are suffering when owners abandon them so he sees both sides of this controversial issue.

"I would rather see a horse put down or taken to a slaughter house if they are going to stand out in a pasture and suffer from malnutrition or from disease," he said.

The debate over this issue will go on. But one thing is sure any products from Oklahoma would have to be sent overseas. Horse meat for consumption is illegal.