Hostess Deadline Passes

They knew it was coming, Hostess workers Thursday afternoon striking under a looming, threatening deadline.

"As of, I don't know, what is it? 4 o'clock.," said one worker.

Zero hour for a possible shutdown. But 4 o'clock came and went.

"We kind of figured they weren't going to do anything," said Monroe Walton.

Union members say they've seen this tactic before.

"We all stood together and ain't none of us is going to cave in," said Joe Morrison.

A high stakes game of poker with careers on the line.

"That's what it is, poker, seeing if we budge, but we didn't," said Walton.

The resolve on this line as deep as the 30 years that Joe's worked for the company.

"I've worked 60, 70 hours cause they couldn't get anybody in here and this is the way they want to repay us?" said Morrison.

A new deadline now looms, but the message from the union is staying the same.

"Watch out, we ain't giving up, the just begin.," said Morrison.