Hot Temps and Cold Beers Are Bad For Boaters

It's the first hot weekend of the summer and that means more people will be out at the lake. But you might want to layoff the alcohol and add some extra water to your boat cooler.

"People don't realize when you drink alcohol when on the water, due to the heat and the boat all the other stuff they are stressors on your body," Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Drummond said, "Just because you go to the lake doesn't mean you have to be intoxicated."

Trooper Drummond has been the OHP Marina Enforcement Division for the past six years and said it's not illegal to drink on the lake, but you have to do be smart. The legal limit on the lake is the same on the road .08, but Drummond said you will get to that limit much faster on the water. So, if you don't want to run into them he has one good tip.

"If you are going to go out and drink on the lake have a designated driver just like you do on the road," Drummond said.

If you are out on the lake and see other people that may be too intoxicated to operate their boat, you can call *55 and they will get to those people. But the best advice this weekend is pack more water and watch your consumption.