House Passes Bill to Let Schools Borrow More Money for Storm Shelters

The Oklahoma House voted 65-28 Thursday to approve a bill to allow school districts to borrow more money to pay for storm shelters.

Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A proposal supported by Gov. Mary Fallin to help local school districts pay for safety upgrades like storm shelters and safe rooms has been approved by the Oklahoma House.

The House voted 65-28 Thursday for the bill and sent it to the Senate for consideration.

The bill calls for a statewide vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow every school district to pursue a one-time increase in bonding capacity for safety upgrades.

The measure is a response to the deaths of seven children in a Moore elementary school that was destroyed by a tornado in May. Fallin has said the proposal is a responsible plan for improving safety and security at Oklahoma's public schools without the need for new taxes and mandates.

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