How Should Faith Community Respond To Undocumented Children?

Questions surrounding border issues are also questions the church might find itself addressing.

However instead of talking about how Christ loved the marginalized people only get short sound clips about complex issues, said Dr. Mindy McGarrah Sharp, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ethics.

"Gets boiled down to very simplistic language "so people should just get in line" for example. Well we don't often think that might take 30 years for somebody," says Sharp.

Border issues are something Phillips Theological Seminary has been tackling for years.

"A lot of us are operating under this idea of scarcity, there's not enough to go around. I'll make sure there's enough for my community and then give out of what's left over, and that is very persuasive," Sharp adds.

But aren't Christians supposed to think differently?

"Theologically we're called to think about abundance there is enough to go around, there is a way that all people are created in the image of God, not just me and my family," Sharp said.

For Christians the work becomes defining family the way Christ might...what would Jesus so.

"Anytime that we act to separate groups of people that are well not quite as deserving then any Christian should raise some red flags and think what's going on here," Sharp said.