How to Get Rid of Your Leaves in Tulsa

The City of Tulsa is performing curbside pick-up of leaves and other green-waste over the fall season.The city said that regardless of which level of trash service you have, the city will pick up your green waste now through January. City spokesperson Liz Hunt said you need to place the leaves in a clear, plastic bag. Any branches should be cut into two foot by four foot bundles. She said you should leave the bag on the curb on your usual trash pick-up day. You do not need any green waste stickers. The Green Waste stickers gathered a bit of talk around town months ago, when word broke that not all paying customers' green waste collections were going toward green energy.The city wants to reassure residents that the green waste program is running."Currently that material is going to the waste-to-energy facility and is being converted into steam and reprocessed as electricity for our City of Tulsa's homes and businesses," Hunt said.Hunt said the city will discuss what to do about the green waste stickers as it nears January.Hunt said residents may take their green waste to the green waste facility at 56th Street North. She said for residents with a valid driver's license or city utility bill, there is no charge. There is also an availability of free mulch and firewood there.The Tulsa Fire Department wants to remind residents that no one may burn leaves in the city limits. "With the winds picking up, what could be seen as somebody just trying to get some leaves could cause a potential house fire next door. So, it's our hard and fast rule. We just don't allow any burning inside the city limits," said Captain Jose Ariza.Ariza said Tulsa has not had a problem with this so far this year. However, he said there is a possible $220 fine if anyone is caught burning in city limits.Channel 8 spoke with a South Tulsa neighborhood leader near 81st and Quebec. He said his neighbors seem to do a good job of following the rules when it comes to leaf disposal. A home on the street had several clear bags of green waste, as the city requests, on the curb when Channel 8 visited Monday.
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