How To Sell A Home That's Been Sitting On The Market Too Long

Tulsahome sales have done fairly well in the last few years.

Butthere are always those homes that sit on the market forever.

Ifthat's the case, there's always a reason and it has nothing to dowith luck.

Wetalked with 2-experts who make their livings, getting those homessold.

Johnathanand Drew Scott, of HGTV, say sellers create a lot of stories aboutwhy their homes aren't selling.

Butthey say if a home hasbeen on the market for a year or more, there's an obvious problem.

Thehouse is in need of updating or there's a big neighborhood problem,like train tracks nearby.

Ifnot, in most cases the big thing is the price.

Theysay sellers often think there home is worth more than reality wouldsuggest.

Forexample, you can't compare your fix-up special to the newconstruction that's nearby.

Alsodon't believe what your neighbors say about their home sales.

Someneighbors will lie about the price they received.

Toget the best price they suggest getting rid of the clutter andpersonal touches, such as your family pictures.

Youwant the buyers to see themselves living in the home.

Simplechange like getting rid of granny's old flowered sofa can make a hugedifference.

TheScott brothers also caution against, making too many changes to ahome.

Afew new touches, like inexpensive pictures and rugs, can make a hugedifference.

Somethingas simple as new wall paint can change the entire look of the home.

Butdon't go overboard on renovations.

Don'tput granite counter tops in a low-cost neighborhood.

It'seasy to spend way too much, that you will never get back in yoursales price.

Theysay in the end selling the house is a business decision.

Takethe emotion out of the process and make a business decision to get itsold.