How to Undo Dinner Damage of Calories and Extra Pounds

Now that dinner is over, let reality sink in. Most indulgent Americans took in thousands of calories today. Experts say it is easy to consume 4500 calories on this holiday and pack on more, in the days following. So how do you recover from a fattening Thanksgiving day meal?

We checked in at Lifetime Fitness for a few ideas. First off, fitness professionals say you need to consider a workout with weights, over traditional running or walking.

The weights are a more immediate remedy to the extra food you overloaded on today, according to personal trainer, James Hess. He says the glycogen, which comes from an intake of carbohydrates, waits for you to burn it. If you don't it is converted to fat.

"So your body gets it and it stores it and if you are not going to use it, it could take three months to get it all the way off depending on what you are doing and how you are exercising," he explained.

He advises, with your doctor's consent, a warm up of core exercises, like sit ups and planks. Then he recommends healthy individuals to do squats, lunges or push-ups to burn off the energy. He says one minute of working out with weights could burn up to 15 calories a minute, depending on the person.

So for now, go easy on the leftovers. It is possible to pack on a few pounds this weekend. You can also grab some water. It reportedly makes you feel more full. You can also pack up left overs and take them to work.