How Would Broken Arrow Spend Its Vision 2 Money?

It's a major decision, how to spend roughly $40 million Vision 2 funds in the city of Broken Arrow. To get some suggestions they turned to a man with some experience.

"I was involved in the original 2025, I was co-chair of that," and today, Russell Peterson is the chairman of the Build a Better Broken Arrow Committee, who's recommending that BA's roads be the primary beneficiary of their Vision 2 funds.

"We're such a growing community we wanted to keep on top of our streets," he said.

$26 million to widen a variety of streets from{}three lanes to five.

"That would alleviate a lot of crowding and traffic jams," he said.

The committee also recommends $1.4 million for 35 replacement cruisers for the police department, and nearly a million to remodel fire stations 2 and 3 for ambulance service.

"That would provide better public safety for the people," he said.

As for other suggestions on how to spend the money?

"Bigger classrooms, newer desks, and tables, stuff like that, because they're just old, books, like science books, math books, and history books and stuff," said Broken Arrow eighth grader Caitlin.

Visions of v=Vision 2 spending. With a look to the city's past for support.

"BA voted 60% for it back then, the original one," said Peterson.