Police: Human Remains in North Tulsa Belong to Missing Person

Detectives are continuing their investigation of a north Tulsa area after human remains were discovered earlier this week.

Tulsa Police concluded a search for the human remains the area of North Garnett and East Admiral near Wright Christian Academy. Officers with the assistance of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office confirmed the discovery of a pelvis bone and other bones belonging to a human.

"The search has been suspended and other options are being considered on how best to proceed with this search. The dense woods, heat and other factors have made any further search unproductive at this time," a statement went on to say.

Now Tulsa detectives are focusing on a missing person, identified as Oscar Garcia Sr., who may be the possible source of the bones. Garcia was reported missing back in March by his son, Oscar Garcia Jr.

According to a release from TPD, Oscar Garcia Sr. lived and had an audio shop near the 11700 block of E Admiral within eyesight of the woods when he was last seen. An examination of the shop and residence revealed that there was a struggle inside and blood evidence was recovered.

At the time of the investigation officers stated that even though Oscar Garcia Jr. reported his father missing his behavior around that time frame was very erratic. TPD made contact with Oscar Garcia Jr. on several occasions and private citizens along with police officers noted his bizarre behavior.

Detectives have spoken to Oscar Garcia Jr. and he has mentioned several scenarios as to what could have happened to his father. The investigation into Oscar Garcia Sr. is still a missing person's investigation however homicide investigators are assisting in this investigation.