Humane Society of Tulsa Offers Microchip Discount for Fourth of July

"More dogs go missing on Fourth of July than any other holiday," Humane Society of Tulsa manager Evan Fadem said. "A lot of times people leave them outside during the fireworks and they get nervous and scared, so they run away."

The Humane Society of Tulsa is offering microchips for only $20 this week, in preparation for the fourth.

It also formed a partnership with Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, and are giving away free ID tags for any animal.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and is inserted between the cat, or dogs, shoulder blades.

The application is done through a small injection and takes only a minute.

Microchips last the entire life of your pet, and don't require any additional maintenance.

"If you find an animal, the first thing you want to do with that animal is take it to a vet office, rescue group or shelter," Fadem said. "Anyone who can scan for a chip to make sure it is microchipped, then they can track down the owner."