Hunter Atyia Is Going To Be A Cowboy

Since leaving Union as the Redskins all-time leader in completion percentage Hunter Atyia has been on an awesome journey. But after one year at the Air Force Academy he has changed directions. Even though it wasn't the best fit for his college career, he said it was an honor to wear the uniform. "I felt so proud to wear that. Just to have that opportunity to put that on. Just to wear it I felt like a proud man. I got to represent the country and it just felt good. I'll miss the guys I was around. Just going through all that stuff with those same guys. They experienced the same things you experienced. You know you've got to come together, build a bond with those guys because there is no way you can do that by yourself."Hunter almost made his way back to Tulsa for school. He had planned to walk on at TU. But then Wyoming called and offered him a full ride. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to play for the Cowboys. "I've very excited. The coaching staff up there is brand new. They think I can get on the field pretty soon. Basically they said I had my redshirt year at the Air Force Academy. But technically they can redshirt me and I still have four years to play five. So they want me to come in and do the best I can and contribute wherever I can early."Hunter will get his shot to as a slot receiver and return specialist. He heads to Laramie, Wyoming this weekend. We wish him the best of luck on his new path with the cowboys.
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