Hurricane Season is in Full Force

Hurricane season is in full force as the National Hurricane Center recently added Tropical Storm Karl to the list of storms so far this season. Hurricane season officially begins on June 30th and ends on November 30th each year for the Atlantic Basin; however, hurricanes can develop before or after those dates. Currently Hurricane Igor and Hurricane Julie are located in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Igor, who currently has sustained 145mph winds, could possibly hit Bermuda this weekend. The newest storm to add to the list, Tropical Storm Karl, is currently in the Caribbean and getting ready to make landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula later this week. Although Karl only has 45mph winds, the tropical storm can still wreck damage by causing flash floods, mudslides, and strong coastal winds. Luckily these storms are not headed directly for the Gulf Coast, but it's best to keep an eye on them in case they change their course. Although we are not located on the coast, we could still feel some effects of a hurricane if one made landfall along the Gulf Coast.


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