Hurricane Season is in Full Gear

With the passing of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and a hard hit to the east coast this past weekend by Hurricane Irene, hurricanes have become a hot topic. With the Atlantic Hurricane Season in full gear, it appears that this season may be an active one.

Although we don't experience direct hits from hurricanes here in Oklahoma, we can certainly sympathize with those whose houses have been damaged or those who have lost loved ones. Many areas along the east coast lay underwater as rivers have overflowed their banks. Some areas such as Virginia Beach, VA, received over 20 inches of rainfall this past weekend. Many people in Vermont have water standing in their homes. Wind gusts of up to 120mph were recorded at Mount Washington in New Hampshire. And the death toll has risen to over 40 people.

Although there is still a lot of cleanup to be done in those areas affected by Hurricane Irene, there is another storm brewing in the Atlantic. The tropical storm is named Katia which is the name that took the place of the retired name Katrina. All eyes will be on Tropical Storm Katia to see whether or not she will make landfall in the US.

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