Husband Gets Life Without Parole For Raping His Wife

Among the witnesses taking the stand were a former girlfriend and also a{} common law wife each testifying to past abuse by William Lafffoon.A jury of 6 men and 6 women heard unthinkable acts of rape and abuse involving a lit cigarette, a broom, and a knife. But it was the case of Laffoon's wife that put the trial in motion." When I read this latest case.{} 4;18{} It was scary how similar it was to the case I worked with the same guy in 2005," says Bob Haley, Wagoner Police Chief, who worked for the Wagoner County Sheriff's office at the time.Laffoon{} had gone to prison but was out and Haley said accused of more crimes."I just felt like if we didn't do something if it wasn't this particular victim it was going to be another victim and possibly another victim and I really believe it would end up with somebody dying, I really did."{}From Laffoon's own testimony at his preliminary hearing saying no he never touched her,{} to the collection of physical evidence and photographs of abuse, jurors convicted laffoon and sentenced him to life without parole for raping his wife. lead prosecutor, Michon Hughes knew the case would be tough to win, but{} justice prevailed. "I think its very appropriate to give credit to the people of Oklahoma at this time for recognizing that yes it is a crime and women are no longer considered property of their husbands in this state," says Hughes.{}It also sends a message to abusers that there are consequences. "This is what happens when the law enforcement comes together as a team," says{} Wagoner County District Attorney Brian Kuester. " We get results like this, results that ultimately protect the people who live in these communities."It took jurors less than an hour to reach a verdict of guilty.{} And it was even less than that to determine sentencing for Laffoon.