I-244 Becomes A Bigger Nightmare

It's a scene that keeps being played out all over Tulsa. Construction. Detour. Today, another stretch of I-244 got dumped on some more.

"I hope it will quit sometime."

Truck driver Joe Wells is in good company..

"What a mess, what a mess."

Driver Gary Conley sometimes finds himself stuck.

"I try to stay off I-244 because that seems to be the worst of it."

A couple of miles before drivers hit the latest construction snag, a sign warns drivers how to take a detour around the I-244 Eastbound closure. You can head southbound on 169 and take I-44 Eastbound... but truckers get more help.

"These truck drivers they communicate over the CB's,"

Joe Tedesco manages the Flying J where truckers fuel ...

"So they'll communicate to each other, what exits to use and things."

And fume.

"These guys have the most frustrating job in the world, I couldn't imagine doing it on a daily basis." That from Joe Tedesco, General Manager of Flying J.

Construction projects can also sometimes bring fewer sales, but not at Flying J.

"My diesel volume is actually on an increase so it really hasn't hurt me that much and this is normally our downward trend."

Drivers also know that while they have to gear up for all the detours, that there's often pain that accompanies progress.

"Chug holes, potholes. it's a good thing, they'll eventually get done with all of it."