Icy Tree Limbs Mean Work and Patience, No Hasty Moves

Icy trees may be surrounding your home. But the experts say be patient, back away from the saw, if you can.We caught up with one family at the Tulsa green waste site. They had limbs leaning onto their house so they got to work, trimmed the tree and dumped the debris off at the green waste site.

Tree experts say you should not be hasty when it comes to trees no matter how bad it looks. Don't start chopping, not yet.

"Don't give up or quit too early on a damaged tree. we want to wait and see once the ice is off of it, if we can preserve or save it," said Don Massey, a certified arborist.

He said hire an arborist to assess your damages. Your bent over limbs may stand back up you just have to give it time.