Injured PIt Bull Rescued; Looking For New Home

An injured pit bull is looking for a loving home.

The dog was discovered abandoned on the side of the road in Sand Springs.

The man who found her told us he couldn't afford to take the dog to the vet, but area animal groups he called couldn't help.

Many said it was due to the dog's breed.

"You can't judge an animal by its breed just like you can't judge a person by the way they look," says the dog's rescuer James Cornwell.

He told us pit bulls have an unfair stigma attached to them.

"Pit bulls are very loving and forgiving dogs no matter what they've gone through," Cornwell adds. "They're very loyal and forgiving and loving. I've never met a pit bull that's mean."

KTUL contacted Zoi's Animal Rescue and they were able to help out.

One of their volunteers picked up the dog and took her to an area veterinarian.

They learned the dog has a broken leg.

However, they plan to start the adoption process.

Anyone interested can contact Zoi's at 918-928-ZOIS (9647).

You can also find them on facebook or online at: