Inmates Allowed to Return to Avalon in Tulsa

A downtown Tulsa correctional facility was given the green light to open its doors once more to Oklahoma inmates.

Officials with Avalon Correctional Services were allowed to repopulate the Tulsa facility Monday afternoon after being closed since January. An initial 25 inmates and one supervisor with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections were sent to the building at the corner of Archer and Elwood.

Jerry Massie with the DOC told KTUL that a list of specific changes needed before inmates could return was sent to Avalon in January. Those changes were outlined and met this month.

Massie added that Avalon will keep at least 150 inmates. The DOC supervisor will remain on scene and report as the facility transitions.

KTUL previously reported those changes described in the letter delivered to Avalon. Among them being:

- Submitted structured lesson plans

- One case manager per 65 offenders

- Submit a corrective plan of action to maintain with DOC policy

- New security updates at the Tulsa facility

- Separating DOC offenders from private pay offenders

Avalon's issues with the DOC began back in January when a letter was delivered informing them that all residents need be removed by Jan. 24. It stated at the time there were three active investigations into the center's "serious infractions" ranging from possession of contraband to offender security.