Insurance Agents Assist Healthcare Customers as Deadline Nears

Insurance agents were busy Friday helping customers with healthcare enrollment before the March 31st deadline.

"We're seeing a big, big push during the month of March. I've had people in my office pretty much around the clock," said insurance agent Roger Flippo. He is a part of the Tulsa Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU). The organization is helping Oklahomans register at no cost.

Flippo said many customers have questions about qualifications and income level requirements. He said customers ought to work with certified agents who understand the enrollment process well.

Apple Barrel Cafe owner Simon Khatib met with Flippo Friday. He enrolled last month, but after this tax season, he wanted to make an adjustment on his estimated income level to get additional premium credits. He has always had health insurance for his family and himself but wanted to get the best deal possible.

"Even the monthly fee. I think it's not bad. I think it's good," Khatib said.

After March 31st, the government can fine uninsured citizens $95 annually.

TAHU suggests you click here for more information. The Tulsa Library also has suggestions of places to go for help enrolling.