Internet Advertising

The choice of ad formats can depend on several factors. Some ad formats appear only below the fold, some above. Other formats do not appear on the home page, but on interior pages only. Another important factor is the visual orientation of the creative itself. For example, the Leaderboard stretches across the page and attracts the attention of the user while scrolling down the page. But the Leaderboard is very horizontally oriented and would not be appropriate to promote something tall, like a bottle of mineral water. A better choice would be a tower ad, which allows the product to be displayed better. Many advertisers use multiple ad formats. Our sales team can help you choose the right ad format(s).

The ads described above are served to specific locations on the pages of our site.Super Cube 300x250 ads appear at the top right area on all of our pages. Leaderboard ads appear just below the page fold in the center of all pages. Super Tower 300x600 ads are served only on the KTUL home page and appear in the lower left area. 160x600 tower ads appear on all pages except the KTUL home page and are located on the left, above the fold.Ad Hints & TipsYou can help make your ad fantastic! Our top-notch design staff can make your company's advertising vision a reality. But there are a few things that you can provide to help us out.1. Company Logos: Your logo is your identity. It is best to email us a digital logo, preferably a 300dpi image in .psd, .eps, .pdf, or .ai format. We also accept .gif and .jpg files of good quality.2. Product Artwork: High resolution photos of your product are encouraged. This is what you are marketing. We want to show it to the world!3. Enthusiasm! If you are not excited about your product, no one else will be!