Internet Sales Could Impact Public Safety, Says Mayor

The City of Tulsa is feeling the effects of the internet sales phenomenon. The mayor says Tulsa is losing valuable sales tax dollars and city councilors agree. "So if we don't have those sales tax dollars coming in, we can't put more police officers on the street. We can't have more firemen," said City Councilor, Karen Gilbert. She says Tulsa is dealing with a deficit, currently because sales tax revenues are so low."Our police force, we have an upcoming academy and we had to cut 10-cadets out of that academy because we are not getting that revenue," said Gilbert.

They mayor is working on Tulsa's next budget. So far he says he has cut 16-million dollars that impact every department. He says money is tight. "If the council desires to make a change, in some place, it's going to hurt a department. It might add money to one department but they are going to take it away from another department. And every department is so lean, it's going to hurt that department," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett.He wants citizens to shop in tulsa. or to at least remit sales tax when they do shop online. "Big companies like Amazon, Macy's recognize the problem," he said those companies remit internet sales tax, when make buys from Tulsa. But he believes many consumers are saving every dollar they can including sales tax.The city could be forced to raise fees, or fines. You could see an increase in your water and sewer service. The city could raise the price of a bus ride. Those are possibilities of additional revenues that could be considered.