Investigation Continues; Off Duty Salina Officer Kills Handcuffed Man

Mayes County Sheriff Mike Reed told Channel 8 Wednesday two officers are still on paid leave while OSBI investigates an officer-involved-shooting.

"When you look at the situation, the situation is extremely volatile. It's extremely fast," said Sheriff Reed.

A Mayes County deputy and an off-duty Salina police officer arrested two men in a traffic stop Tuesday morning for controlled dangerous substances. The men told the officers they were en route to a hotel just south of Pryor to meet others. The officers arrived and a drug dog hit on a door. A hotel employee had to unlock the door, as the suspects inside did not respond to police.

The man inside, Will Perneau, did not comply with the officer's orders. They handcuffed him and immediately turned to deal with an uncooperative female suspect.

Sheriff Reed said the officers did not have time to perform a full search for a weapon on Perneau. During that time, the suspect allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband and fired shots at the officers.

Sheriff Reed said the off-duty officer was in between the deputy and the suspect. He returned fire and killed the suspect.

Both a representative for OSBI and Sheriff Reed agreed that it is highly possible for a restrained individual to have enough mobility to reach for a weapon.

"We're thankful that he [the police officer] was there, because it's very likely he saved another officer's life," said Sheriff Reed. He explained that overnight officers often become friends and spend time together on ride alongs in their free time. That is why the police officer was present for the incident.

A representative for OSBI said investigators are examining the case to turn over to the Defense Attorney to determine if the homicide was warranted. The Medical Examiner's office will examine the suspect's body.

Sheriff Reed said the female suspect was interviewed at the scene but not arrested.