Investigators Look Into Double Pay From Election Worker

Right now, the Tulsa County Election Board here is getting ready for the mayoral election.

But they are also quietly dealing with an investigation that involves a worker there. Shelly Boggs was at work today and as she has on many occasions spoke to this reporter. But this time, she mentioned she could not talk about this investigation.

The Sheriff's department is looking into whether or not an employee double-dipped on pay, working for the county and state election boards at the same time.

Patty Bryant, the Tulsa County election secretary also said she could not comment on the investigation involving Boggs.

Boggs is the assistant election secretary, but also worked as a regional coordinator for the state from 1999 until June of this year.

The Sheriff's department has two investigators asking questions and say this will mean gathering documents. and interviewing state officials as well.

"We were requested by the district attorney's office to look into some issues at the election board and at this point, all we are doing at this point is gathering documents looking at the particular issues," said Tim Albin, Undersheriff for Tulsa County.

The sheriff's department says it is not unusual for their office to investigate issues like this--but that gathering information will take some time.