Is Cold Case Mystery A Family Affair?

An Oklahoma Department of Corrections mug shot of Noe from 2007.

It was about this time last March, when officials held a press conference looking to stir up some tips.

"Years is a long time for justice," said one law enforcement official.

On display, the recently discovered remains of two women and a child.

"21 years ago, these 2 women and this 6 year old child were murdered and buried under 8 feet of dirt," he said.

Charged with accessory after the fact, Grover Prewitt, who had led authorities to the bodies and in the process implicated his sister, Beverly.

"God no, why would he say me?," she said.

News Channel 8 caught up with her last May, not long after that press conference in which she was singled out as being one of the last people to see the victims alive.

"Beverly Noe claims that she dropped off the 3 at the Walmart in Chandler," said Stan Florence, director of The OSBI.What could have been a motive for the killings? "I don't know," said Noe.

But authorities don't buy it, and say they have Beverly on tape talking about a gun she allegedly used in the killings.

"I certainly wouldn't go out and murder somebody," she said.

Who would do such thing we asked? Beverly pointed to her own dead mother.

Had she talked about wanting to kill them before? "Oh my God she mentioned one time, boy just put me in a car and I'll slice their throat, I say no! You know, she had a stinky little mind," she said

But authorities believe that mind of a killer belongs to her. A 20 year mystery with a tangled web of family drama, the final act of which Beverly may have ominously foretold.

"Whatever she'd done, and that's where it's pointing to, she's going to bring us all into hell with her," she said.
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