Is Someone Stealing Dogs?

Her name was Baby, and she is buried in the backyard under a statue of an angel, and since her death, life for her family has been tough.

"It's been hell," said JoAnn Ash.

That's because the circumstances surrounding her death are disturbing.

"I honestly think that baby was stolen," she said.

She was found{}three blocks away with mortal wounds.

"One looked as though it may have been a bullet hole, and then the exit wound on the other side of her rib," said Tony Troutman.

During their efforts to find her, her family says they discovered a troubling trend in their Catoosa neighborhood.

"There's been{}four Yorkies in this area come up missing.," said Samantha Mercer.

Meanwhile, over in Tulsa...

"Looked day and night for 2 weeks straight," said Ariana Ree.

Vada went missing a month ago after her home was broken into, and the only thing gone was her.

"Nothing else. I have an X-box, flat screen, laptop, nothing else was stolen," said Ree.

Ari's had a few leads, but so far no Vada.

"We checked online, every single day, multiple times a day," she said.

There's a $500 reward for Vada's return, as for Baby's family, there's a peaceful grave site and a not-so-peaceful message for whoever took her away.

"I hope your life is a living hell, I really, really, do," said JoAnn.{}