Is that Bob Stoops voice or what?

Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops does a lot of public speaking. From weekly press conferences, to alumni functions, to speaking to civic originations.

But can Bob Stoops act?

If you watched the OU-Notre Dame game you might have seen an AT&T staring Bob Stoops.

It's about a high school player who's big play goes viral. Everyone watching can't help but say, HELLO!!!.

At the end of the commercial Bob Stoops walks in and greets the kid and says "hello." But the hello sounded nothing like him.

At his weekly news conference on Monday he was asked about it. A reporter said "everyone is convinced that's not your voice on there.

Bob Stoops replied with this, "I'm pretty convinced of it too." The room erupted in laughter. Coach Stoops continued, "One of the players said that to me in the morning and I hadn't seen it yet. Then I did see it and I said that doesn't sound like me. Far to say I don't have a very good voice."

Coach Stoops and the Sooners head out on the road as they return to Big 12 play. They face Iowa State in Ames Saturday. Kickoff is set for 11:00am on Tulsa's Channel 8.