Should the Flu Shot be a Requirement for Workers in Hospitals, Schools?

If your job offers a flu shot, do you have to take it? At least 15 nurses and other hospital staffers have been fired in other states for refusal. Many have reportedly resigned refusing the flu vaccine. In Oklahoma, hospitals have the authority to make the vaccine a requirement

You might expect every worker in a child care facility to be vaccinated, since germs could lurk anywhere there. For that reason, at Crosstown Learning Center, every worker was offered a free flu shot.

There are 33 workers and nearly three times as many children. Of the workers, less than half agreed to take the flu vaccine.

At Hillcrest South hospital, the vaccine is offered and the chief nursing officer said, nearly 90-percent of employees took the vaccine, voluntarily.

The Oklahoma Department of Health does not regulate it, however, individual medical centers can mandate the vaccine for employees.

At Crosstown, they have another line of defense, cleaning, which they can require. The directors says they cannot mandate flu shots.

"I think that is a personal decision that people make. We had one staff member that did get a flu shot that ended up with a terrible case of the flu, so it is hard to know whether or not it is going to be effective or not," said Debbi Guilfoyle, Director of Crosstown Learning Center.

Each evening the toys are cleaned with bleach to keep the facility healthy as possible.

Hillcrest and St. Francis do not require the vaccine for workers, but highly recommend it.