It's Craftastic! Constellation Luminaries


Printed images of constellations sized at 7" x 2.5"

Colored paper



Awl or toothpick


Glass votive holder

Tealight candles

  • Gather supplies and cut paper to measure 7" x 2.5". Visit for printable templates.
  • Use a pin to poke holes through the points of the constellation.
  • Use an awl or toothpick to widen the holes made with the pin.
  • Lay the constellation image on top of the colored paper.
  • Use a pencil to fill in the points of the constellation. You may wish to create marks around the holes to keep track and make sure they're all filled in.
  • Check the colored paper to make sure all points of the constellation are marked and visible.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the colored paper to create holes for the light to shine through.
  • Wrap the colored paper around the votive holder and secure the edges with tape. Trim any excess paper to create a clean edge around the top of the glass.
  • Light a tealight candle and gently drop it into the luminary.
  • Repeat this project to create luminaries for all your favorite constellations.
Project designed by Holly Embry www.hollyrocksjewelry.blogspot.comSpecial thanks to made: The Indie Emporium Shop
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