It's Craftastic! Chalkboard Name Tags

Drill or Dremel Tool

Round Wooden Disks

Chalkboard Paint

1/4 yard of Burlap Fabric


1/4 a yard of Thick fabric (pattern of your choice)

Floral Wire

Tacky Glue


Two Paintbrushes


Wire Cutters

Mason Jar or Glass Vase (with fresh flowers) - This part is optional

  • First we'll need to use our drill or dremel tool to drill holes into the outer edge of our wooden disks.
  • Next, we'll paint both the front and back of our wooden disks and let them dry for 24 hours. This part is great to do the night before your project.
  • We'll need to take your thick patterned fabric and cut out 2x3 inch rectangles. You'll place one rectangle with the pattern facing down towards your table and use your tacky glue and cover your fabric rectangle in a thin layer of glue, using your paintbrush to spread it out.
  • Place your floral wire right down the center of your rectangle fabric covered in tacky glue and cover that with an additional fabric rectangle with the fabric pattern facing up and sandwich the floral wire pressing your fabric rectangles flat together. Let this dry (takes about 1 hour).
  • Once your fabric rectangle is dry cut out the shape of a feather (leaving the floral wire running right down the center of your feather). You can cut tiny triangles or fringe right into the side of your feather giving it a more textured feel. At the bottom of your feather you'll notice the floral wire hanging, loop this floral wire and twist the end around the base to create a small little loop for hanging your feather. Snip off the ends of your wire with your wire cutters if you have excess. If you want to hang two different feathers make two different pattern and sizes for your feathers for each place setting.
  • Take your burlap and cut out a 1.5x4 inch rectangles. Cut 12 inch pieces of twine as well.
  • When your chalkboard disks are all dry use the side of a piece of chalkboard and cover the entire disk, then wipe it off.
  • Wrap your burlap around a set of silverware that has been covered with linen or paper napkin. Around your burlap wrap, take your piece of twine and wrap it around the back of your silverware and string on your chalk board painted disk and fabric feathers then tie a pretty bow securing it all in place.
  • Write your guests name on your chalkboard disk and you are all set.
  • Use the same technique used to make fabric leaves to make feather stems to add to a floral piece arrangement for your table center and wrap burlap and twine around the outside of your vase for an instant pulled together look.

Project designed by Erin Wilson

Special thanks to MADE: The Indie Emporium Shop