It's Craftastic! Cut Back Tee



Marking tool


Needle & thread (or safety pins)

  • Fold T-shirt/tank top in half, resting the side seams on top of one another.
  • Mark as high as you want the detail to begin and work your way down. Leave a mark that's 4-6 inches in length every 1 inch down the spine.
  • Take your scissors and cut along the lines marked.
  • Once all the lines are cut pick up the shirt and stretch in horizontally.
  • Take the second strand down the back and loop it through the first hole at the top of the tank.
  • Take the third strand and loop ir through the loop the second strand made.
  • Do that until you reach the last one.
  • When you reach the bottom take the final loop and either sew it to the bottom of the tank or safety pin it for an edgy look.
Project designed by Val Esparza www.ttownteez.comSpecial thanks to MADE: The Indie Emporium Shop