It's Craftastic: Floral Crown

      Floral wire

      Wire cutters

      Fresh flowers (daisies, button poms, greenery & berries work best)

      • Measure the wire around your head and now cut a piece of floral wire three times that length. Now form a crown out of cut wire.
      • Wrap the ends of the wire around the "wire crown" to secure them together.
      • Cut a long piece of floral wire and choose a sturdy, wood stemmed greenery to begin wrapping around the "wire crown" with your long piece of floral wire. This will create the base of your floral crown.
      • Cut 30, two inch pieces of floral wire then create tiny bouquets with your different types of flowers.
      • Use your two inch pieces of wire to secure your tiny bouquets.
      • Finally, begin attaching your tiny bouquets to your floral crown base using your two inch wire pieces.
      • Ta-da! Now rock your floral crown with flare!
      Project designed by Shirin Zakerion.

      Special thanks to Made: The Indie Emporium Shop