It's Craftastic! Glitter Garland

Styrofoam or paper mache ballsMonofilament line or fishing lineCraft paintGlitterMod PodgeThick sewing needle
  • Paint the balls with craft paint that matches the color of glitter to be used. Allow to dry completely.
  • To reduce glitter "shedding", mix the glitter with the Mod Podge. Use about two parts glitter to one part Mod Podge. Paint the mixture onto the painted ball.
  • Once the balls are completely dry, string them on to the monofilament line/fishing line using the sewing needle. You can put a dab of glue on the line where the ball will rest to ensure it stays put on the line.
Project designed by Renee Justus www.bustedtrumpet.comSpecial thanks to MADE: The Indie Emporium Shop