It's Craftastic! Valentine Puzzle Charm

      ? Puzzle pieces

      ? Fine grit sandpaper

      ? Acrylic paint in two contrasting colors

      ? Paint brushes

      ? A drill or needle

      ? Varnish or sealant

      ? Jump rings

      ? Jewelry pliers

      1. The first step in this project is to find two puzzle pieces that fit together. Once you have
      selected your pieces, sand them with a fine grit sandpaper to prime the surface for painting.

      2. Use a drill, needle, or other pointed object to puncture a hole in the top of each puzzle piece.

      3. Brush a coat of acrylic paint onto both sides of the puzzle pieces, as well as the edges. If you
      would like to achieve a yin and yang effect, paint each puzzle piece a different color.

      4. If the image of the puzzle shows through the paint, wait until the first coat of paint is dry and apply additional coats until you achieve a solid color.

      5. Use a fine tip brush to paint a heart in a contrasting color. Allow to dry.

      6. Brush on a layer of varnish or sealant to protect the paint on your puzzle charm.

      7. Once the varnish has dried, attach a jump ring to the puzzle charms using jewelry pliers. You
      are now ready to wear one and give the other away to a loved one!

      Project designed by Holly Embry

      Special thanks to MADE: The Indie Emporium Shop