It's Hot, Hot, Hot

It was hot enough to think it was a mirage, but the people who showed up at Guthrie Green to work out were actually real.

"Tonight is a small crowd due to the heat," said Boot Camp instructor PJ Cowan, helping folks firm up, but being firm about staying hydrated.

"If you start to feel woozy, dizzy, please sit down or raise your hand and signal one of the instructors because it is hot today," he said.

Case in point...

"My mom said, 'Are you ok?' And he couldn't answer," said Sydney Hall.

A half block away from Guthrie Green a man collapsed on the sidewalk. Luckily for him Syndey and her mom called 9-1-1.

"They told us that he had a heat stroke or it was the heat," she said.

Meanwhile, across town, firefighters were taking extra steps to avoid the heat taking them down as well.

"With the heat the incident commander had them come on in and when that crew come out he would send a new crew in," said TFD official Stan May.

And the handy work of a retired firefighter? Seen downtown at the Tulsa Glassblowing Studio, where the sun above the sign outside, actually looks cooler than a peek inside the oven.

"When it 100 outside it's 140 in here easy," said Meshel Heffner.

Classes have been starting early recently to deal with the heat.

"We actually shut down for two weeks in August because it's just too hot," she said.

To help you think cool thoughts, Frosty is on display. A short lived pleasantry before you exit.

"You walk out and it's like bleeh eww," she said.