Jail Inmate Death Under Investigation

An inmate at the Tulsa County Jail is dead, and investigators with the sheriff's office are trying to figure out what happened. "The big question is why did he die," said Captain John Bowman.

Deputies have little to go on right now. Captain Bowman says they don't even have a picture of 37 year old Elliot Earl Williams. He says Owasso Police brought him in for obstructing and interfering with an officer on October21st, and he wouldn't stand up for them to take his mug shot. "Talking to God asking for them to kill him. He indicated some suicidal tendencies. So they booked him into the jail," Bowman told Tulsa's Channel 8. He says Williams was placed in a medical cell and was under video surveillance and died six days later.

Tulsa's Channel 8 went to home of the inmate's parents on Monday. No one was home, but they later contacted the station. They say they're concerned about the circumstances surrounding their son's death because he was healthy.

Bowman says he feels for the family. "I'm sure they're devastated, just as I would be or anyone would be. They've been in contact with us. Of course what they want as anybody would want are answers," said Bowman.

The autopsy and toxicology reports aren't in yet. Meanwhile, the sheriff's office continues to investigate questioning anyone who had contact with Williams at the jail. The sheriff's office says toxicology reports could take three or four months. The autopsy report could take as little as a week or so.

The Tulsa County Jail is withholding comment until after the investigation is over.