Jaylen Lowe Takes Over Rams Offense

They say nothing good ever happens after midnight.{} Well, they never asked Owasso rams coach Bill Patterson about that. He's had his team kicking off the season at midnight for several years.

A blow of the whistle and a "Go!" and just like that the football season was underway Monday night, slash, Tuesday morning. Like a lot of football teams the Rams are looking to replace their quarterback.{} This year they're giving that responsibility to two-sports star Jaylen Lowe. Coach Patterson's pretty excited to have Jaylen under center.

"There is no much not to like about Jaylen Lowe.{} In 35-years of coaching, I've never had a team embrace one kid like our team embraces him as a leader." Bill Patterson said, "All of our kids respect him.{} He's an extremely hard worker, a fantastic competitor.{} We think he's got a chance to have a big year for us."

The Owasso Rams open the season on September the 1st against 2011 6A runner-up Broken Arrow.