Jeff Lund Sells The Tulsa Oilers

After 14 years as the owner of the Tulsa Oilers, Jeff Lund has sold the team. The Oilers have been purchased by Wichita-based Steven Brothers Sports Management, LLC. Rodney, Brandon, and Johnny Steven. They also own the Wichita Thunder, one of Tulsa's biggest rivals.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the next chapter of Tulsa Oilers hockey," said Rodney Steven II. "This franchise has an outstanding history, an extremely loyal fan base, and one of the best arenas in the Central Hockey League. We are looking forward to working closely with Head Coach Bruce Ramsay, as well as the Oilers players and staff to make sure this team has everything it needs to be successful."

"Our first priority is to put a strong, competitive team on the ice," Brandon Steven said. "We need to win and win consistently. These fans in Tulsa deserve to watch a playoff-caliber team and a team that will compete for championships."

The Tulsa Oilers production on the ice and in the stands have left a lot to be desired for hockey fans in the city. The Steven brothers look to bring back a product everyone in Tulsa can be proud of.

"Nothing would make me and my brothers happier than to see huge crowds packing the BOK Center throughout the upcoming season," Rodney remarked. "We want to re-energize our existing fans but we also want to make a big push to reach new fans, to attract families, and to let everyone know that Tulsa Oilers hockey is the very best entertainment value in this entire region."