Jenks Mayor Announces Resignation, Takes Job Outside of City Council

Mayor Vic Vreeland

After more than 20 years as an elected official, Jenks' mayor announce Monday he will be stepping down from his current post.

Jenks' City Attorney Stephen Oakley told that Mayor Vic Vreeland will be resigning from his current position for a new job outside of city council.

"We'll miss him, he's been a very active mayor not only for the benefit of Jenks but for the region itself," Oakley said.

He said that in order to prevent conflicts of interest with his new job, Vreeland decided resign early. Oakley also said that no rules were broken and no wrongdoing was committed.

Vice Mayor Greg Bowman will replace Vreeland temporarily until elections this spring.

Vreeland began as a city councilor. His previous positions include mayor, vice mayor and mayor in that order, according to Oakley. All were positions voted in by city councilors.