Jenks Emergency Crews Ready for Potential Disasters

With a potential threat of fires in the area this summer and the experience firefighters received last year, emergency crews in Jenks are readying themselves for what may come.

Jenks Fire Chief Gary Friedel told councilors at a city meeting police, fire and public works departments are capable of organizing a response to a large-scale disaster thanks to ongoing training and preparation. Friedel was at Monday's meeting to update councilors on the city's state of preparation in the wake of tragedies in Boston and West, Texas.

Friedel added in a report from the Jenks Journal that preparation, preparation, recovery and response are the four phases of disaster relief and his department trains alongside police and public works crews on everything from handling traffic control to organizing response from outside agencies to make sure emergency responders work efficiently on large scale disasters.

Crews have responded to large fires like the one that claimed several homes on Beaver Street in August and severe snow storms that bring complex issues such as power outages and inaccessible streets. In those cases, departments call in off-duty, reserve and volunteer staff.

Jenks also relies on Glenpool and Tulsa to provided assistance in certain cases.

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