Jenks Is Looking For A Return To The Top

The Jenks Trojans have won a total of 11 Oklahoma Class 6A State Championships in high school football. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}Nine under Jenks Head Coach Allan Trimble. But the number Trojan fans are thinking about right now is four.{} That's the number of years they've gone without winning one. And it has to burn a little that their arch-rival Union has the last four. No player on this Jenks team has tasted a title and they're hungry to change that.

"They're ready to go and they understand that.{} They walk by those trophy cases and see it." Coach Trimble said, "And I think they are ready to get one of their own.{} We just encourage them and tell them how much work and intensity it will take to get one.{} It's not easy.{} It's a tough climb up that ladder.{} We've been on top and of course Union is up their now.{} You just got to do it one practice at a time.{} We tell the players it's all about preparation and hard work and putting yourself in position to get on top."

The Trojans open the season August 31st against arch-rival Union.