Jenks Plans Downtown Arts District

Jenks is planning to create a more diverse downtown, with an arts district. The plan is being backed and supported with the Jenks Chamber.

There is a growing interest in the arts in Jenks, with a few art galleries already in place, like Focal Points studio, that houses several artists work and open to the public, twice a week.

But the goal is to renovate an old building, which now houses animals for the Oklahoma Aquarium, right off the 1st and Main intersection. The plans call for making it a headquarters and an incubator space for artists.

They could work there and sell their items. It would be open to the public as well to see artists at work. Jenks is spending 300-thousand dollars to renovate the space.

Residents and artists we spoke to, are excited.

"It is a nice little district. You know real walkable, getting some restaurants, little places to eat and with shops. Add the art. That will draw even more people," said Marjorie Kolker, of Focal Points.

If everything goes as planned the incubator and headquarters will open in the Fall of 2014