Jenks Prepares to Launch Emergency Alert System

Jenks City Councilors are preparing to roll out a citywide mass notification system this week.

Ward Four City Councilor Josh Wedman said councilors agreed unanimously to try the system, especially given the season.

"We live in a state where we have quite a bit of severe weather. Tornado season is hitting right now," Wedman said.

Residents will be able to sign-up on the city's website for alerts regarding important city information and weather. He said the money for the system comes out of a city budget and does not cost residents any more to enroll.

Wedman says the alert system provides another means of communication if power outages affect televisions or other technology.

"Lot of times, my cell phone's still working," Wedman said. He said the sign-up allows residents to select language preferences and ways to receive the alerts. That includes a cell phone call, text, email, and call to a land line.

Business owner Pam Jenkins said she already receives phone alerts but plans to sign-up for the city's system. She expects many other people in the community will do the same.

"I sign up for multiple alerts on my phone and that way I make sure I get it. So, I'm really glad that we have the leadership we do in Jenks that has brought this to us. I think it's a great idea," Jenkins said.

Jenks officials want to remind residents to check their website later this week for when enrollment is scheduled to begin.

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